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We provide a dependable solution for legally notarizing documents online. Instantly connect with our certified notaries anywhere, anytime. Learn More

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We handle the notarizations, so you can focus on running your business.

Our Online Notary platform allows multiple signers in different locations.

Multiple Signers, Multiple Locations!

Whether you have 1 signer or 5, we can help. Additional users can either share your device or use their own with our unique invitation links.

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Security You Can Trust.

Security You Can Trust.

Our e-signatures are trusted by global brands and small businesses nationwide. With us, you can be certain that every transaction is secure and legally binding.

Questions? Let Us Help

Do I need a webcam?

Yes, you'll need a camera and microphone on your device to electronically notarize. We recommend using your computer, but you can use your phone if you don’t have access to a computer with a webcam.

What is the notarization process like?

The notarization process is completed 100% online through our website. Make sure you have a working webcam, and then upload your documents to start the notary process.

You’ll be asked to authenticate your identity, so have a government ID ready. We’ll ask for a picture of the ID and for you to answer some knowledge-based questions. As soon as you’ve passed, you’ll be connected with a certified notary.

My document needs more than one signer/witness. Can I add multiple people?

After you’ve uploaded your document, you’ll be asked to add the names of all the signers who will join the video session.

For any additional signers you add, you can select whether they will be sharing a device with you or if they will be using a separate device. If using a separate device, the additional signers will receive an email with an invitation link to join the session. Make sure they’re ready to notarize at the same time as you.

Please note that there is an additional charge for each signer/witness. See our pricing page for details.

How do I download the documents?

When the session finishes, you'll be taken to a payment page. Enter your payment information, and your notarized documents will be ready to download on the next page.

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