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How to Obtain Your Digital Certificate

Before you become an electronic notary on any remote notarization platform, you’ll need to obtain a digital certificate. This is the means by which you’ll sign the document. This digital certificate attaches to the signed document and ensures the document is tamper evident (i.e. any changes you make to the document after signing will become apparent).

Follow the steps below to learn how to obtain a digital certificate.

    What you’ll need before you start: State-issued ID Social security number Debit card or credit card Your notary commission information


Start our application:
  1. Visit IdenTrust to begin the application. Click here.
  2. Read and review the steps provided on the page.
  3. IdenTrust Apply
  4. If you have a voucher code enter it, or leave the voucher blank.
  5. Under “Program Affiliation,” select “*MY PROGRAM IS NOT LISTED.” Click NEXT.
  6. IdenTrust Apply
  7. On the next page, fill out your personal information.
      NOTE: For your name, make sure that the name you put matches your commission information EXACTLY.
        For example, if your commission includes your middle name, include your middle name in this application.
      NOTE: Similarly, for your address, make sure that you put your home address, even if you are becoming an eNotary for your employer.
        This is for identification purposes. If your name does not match your commission, and your address does not match your home address, you may not be able to use your certificate.
      IdenTrust Apply
  8. Create an account password. Make sure to keep your password in a secure location, so that you can access your account later on.
  9. IdenTrust Apply
  10. Choose 3 security questions and answers. Make sure to keep the answers in a secure location, so that you can access your account again if you forget your password.
  11. IdenTrust Apply
  12. Click NEXT to complete your application.
  13. Click YES to confirm the information you’ve put is true.
  14. Pay for your application
  15. Provide your payment information.
  16. On the page Subscriber Agreement, read through the Subscriber Agreement and Privacy Policy.
  17. Click the checkbox to agree, and then click SUBMIT APPLICATION.
  18. IdenTrust Apply
  19. On the page Congratulations!, click FINISH.
  20. IdenTrust Apply Verify your email
  21. Go to your email inbox. IdenTrust will have sent you a verification code. Copy the code you received and then go to this link from your email: .
  22. IdenTrust Apply
  23. Paste the code into the box “Verification Code.” Add your password in the Account Password box, and then click NEXT.
  24. IdenTrust Apply
  25. Congratulations! You’ll be taken to a page showing what stage your application is in. You may now securely log out. You will receive an email about your certificate once your application has been approved.
  26. IdenTrust Apply
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