Online Notary Center Inc

Notary Pricing

Basic Plan

Serve Our Customers and We Pay You!

We provide your journal, bring you clients, and pay you per transaction. This plan is free to enroll, but you’ll need to supply your own Digital Certificate (cost of $112 for 2 years)

What's included:
  • Cloud-based electronic journal
  • Video meetings
  • Comprehensive audit trail with each transaction
  • Unlimited live training
  • Basic support via email
  • Credential analysis for each signer (KBA w/D)
Premium Plan

Use Our Platform for Your Customers

Conduct your business on our platform and serve your existing clients. The hours you work and the prices you charge are up to you.

Single Annual License Fee: $250

Plus a one-time setup: $49

Transactional Costs:
Remote Notarization: $10/Document

This fee includes one notarial seal, authentication, complete signing process, full audit trail, and eNotary journal.

Additional Notary Seal: $5/Seal
Additional Signers with Authentication: $10/Signer

We charge for each additional notary seal and signer.

Max Fee Per Document: $60

This is the maximum you would ever pay per document. Your fee is determined by the number of seals and signers you use.

One signer with authentication included. Additional signers with authentication $10 each.

Digital Certificate: FREE

$112 value FREE for you.

What's included:
  • Video meeting with state-approved notary
  • One notary seal included
    Additional seals $5 each
  • Identity verification technology
  • Unlimited signatures and pages
  • Real-time status notifications
  • API access for developers
  • Email, chat and phone support