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How to become an online notary in Utah?

At Online Notary Center, we provide all the resources you need to become a remote online notary in Utah. You can connect with new signers or bring your clients! Start notarization now and make money straight from home.

You can find Online Notary Center listed on the Utah's Secretary of State’s website list of authorized vendors here.

Follow the State requirements for Utah online notary and start online notarizations.

Hold a Notarial Commission

To do online notarizations, you’ll need a traditional notarial commission from your state first. If you don’t have one already, check your Lieutenant Governor website for instructions on getting started. You’ll need to upload a copy of this commission to your account on our platform.

Obtain E&O Insurance

Errors and Omissions (E&O) Insurance protects you financially if you are sued for unintentional mistakes or if a false claim is filed against you. To make sure you’re protected, you’ll need to upload a copy of your policy worth at least $25,000 to your account (most policies can be purchased for as little as $15-30 a year). One option for your coverage is the NNA, though we accept other providers too.

Purchase a Digital Certificate from IdenTrust

A digital certificate, also known as a digital signature, is used to seal the documents you’ve notarized. This digital certificate attaches to the document and ensures the document is tamper-evident (i.e. any subsequent changes to the document become apparent). At Online Notary Center, we partner with IdenTrust for digital certificates. For instructions on getting your certificate, follow this link here.

Purchase an Online Notary Center Notary Plan

Choose between our Notary Basic Plan and our Notary Professional Plan. We’ll provide your journal, seal, and signature, along with all the technology and tools needed to start performing notarizations. See our Pricing for details on each of our plans.

Increase Notarial Bond Coverage to $10,000

To become a remote online notary, you’ll need to increase your existing bond to $10,000 worth of coverage. You can either adjust your current bond to $10,000, or you can take out another $5,000 bond. For more information, visit the Lieutenant Governor Office’s guide here.

Apply to the SOS to Perform RON

You’ll need to obtain authorization with the Lieutenant Governor Office to officially start notarizing online. To get started, visit the online portal at notary.utah.gov and access the application for your Remote Notary Certification form. Fill out the form and email it to [email protected], along with a copy of your electronic seal/signature (which Online Notary Center will provide to you) and your additional bond.

Check the Lieutenant Governor website for further details.

Submit to Mandatory Background Check

After the Lt. Governor’s Office has processed your application, you’ll receive a link to pass a background check. Once your background check has been submitted, you’ll have to pay a $50 application fee to Utah, which can be paid over the phone with a credit or debit card. The Lieutenant Governor Office can be reached at (801) 538-1041.

When you’ve been approved, you’ll receive an email confirmation of your active status as a remote online notary.

Pick Pricing Plan

With our different plans, you get to choose what’s best for you, your workflow, and your business.


How much does it cost to become a Utah online notary?

With Online Notary Center, you can start performing notarizations for $14.95 / month with our Notary Basic Plan, or $19.95 / month with our Notary Professional Plan. You’ll also need to pay the $50 application fee required by the Lieutenant Governor’s Office. Other costs may vary. For example, you may need to account for the cost of supplies, such as your computer, webcam, and internet access.

See our Pricing for further details on each of our plans.

What does the online notarization process look like?

The notarization process is completed 100% online through our website’s virtual notary rooms.

With a notary subscription, you’re able to schedule meetings with your clients and generate invitation links for the session. After clicking their links, signers verify their identities using knowledge-based authentication. Then the signer and notary are connected into a virtual room, where they can see the document on the screen and complete the notarization together.

How long am I authorized to be a Utah remote online notary?

Your electronic commission lasts as long as your traditional notary commission does. You will also need to consider the length of your IdenTrust digital certificate, and the length of your subscription with our platform.

What does becoming an online notary do for my business?

By becoming an online notary, you’re helping your business grow beyond your state! You’re no longer limited to just signers in Utah. You can notarize for signers across the US and even outside of the country, as long as you are physically in your state during the notarization.

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